How Do Appetite Suppressants Work?

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Traditional appetite suppressants, which include some forms of diet pills, work with neurotransmitters in the human brain to trick the brain into feeling full. They do this by exciting neuron bundles to release neurotransmitters such as dopamine, adrenaline, and norepinephrine.  These neurotransmitters in turn block the chemical signal called neuropeptide Y, the neuropeptide that releases hunger signals. Simply put, if your brain doesn’t release hunger signals, your body doesn’t feel as hungry.

When people take appetite suppressants, they still eat, but they eat significantly less than they ordinarily would.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

If you don’t want to play crossing guard with your brain’s neurotransmitters, look no further than your local grocer for the best natural appetite suppressants. The clincher? They’re food! Yes, food that has a lot of bulk but not a lot of calories, making you feel full (or, well, making you full) but not actually packing on fat or calories. While you’re dieting you can allow yourself an unlimited amount of green vegetables like cabbage, bok choy, celery (actually has negative calories!), fresh raw spinach and salad greens because these foods are dense in nutrition and fiber and so void of calories. If you eat, say, two cups of shredded cabbage when hunger pangs attack, you’ll find that your hunger will go away for hours. Apples also work, as does water (you knew that already) and organic vegetable broth. If you are going to go the vegetable broth route you have to make sure that you’re buying organic broth, as conventionally produced broth contains bad-for-you ingredients like MSG and yeast derivatives. 

When you eat a lot of fiber you do have to make sure that you drink plenty of water, as fiber creates bulk in your intestines (the same bulk that makes you feel full), and you need to give your body water to keep things, er…moving.  

Caffeine is often thought to suppress the appetite, but there is not a lot of conclusive scientific evidence to back this up. What caffeine does do is speed up the metabolism, which is why it’s present in so many diet pills.

Herbal Appetite Suppressants

There has been a lot of excitement lately in the world of herbal appetite suppressants. That’s because the South African government worked for 50 years to isolate the compound P57, the chemical compound in Hoodia Gordonii, the cactus that helps suppress the appetite. P57 works within the satiate center of the brain to release signals to the hypothalamus, telling the brain that enough food has been consumed.  While taking hoodia gornonii, you eat less.  People also report not even thinking very much about food while on hoodia gornonii, which really helps dieters pull through their would-be weak moments. Hoodia Gordonii has been hailed as a miracle for dieters and is even celebrated by Oprah.  Pure 100% hoodia gordonii truly is considered the Holy Grail of diet pills and appetite suppressants.


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Real Hoodia XH

Real Hoodia is our top diet supplement recomendation this month.  This product uses 100% Pure South African hoodia gordonii.  Hoodia has seen a huge amount of publicity in the news lately and is purported to be the most impressive appetite suppressant ever discovered.  Hoodia Gordonii is a rare South African cactus-like plant (a succulent, to be exact) which only grows in the Kalahari desert. 

This plant works by tricking the brain into thinking that the stomach is full.  Therefore, you eat less without any hunger pains or discomfort.  At the moment, finding REAL hoodia is very hard since there is far more demand than supply.  Thus many of the brands on the market today have little or no real hoodia.  Real Hoodia XH is without a doubt authentic.  We were amazed by how effective this formula was at suppressing appetite without side effects.  It's a great addition to any diet plan - or none at all. These attributes have earned Real Hoodia XH our top supplement recommendation. Check out Real Hoodia - Click Here.


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Nutrisystem has been rated the top choice this month. The Nutrisystem diet system consistantly produces significant weightloss. It is also one of the easiest plans to follow and is based on what we believe to be the most effective diet science and methodology available today.  Nutrisystem plans out your food regimen specifically for you and provides simple and delicious meals for the entire week. With this system you do not have to plan out your meals or worry about whether or not you have measure the correct portions. They deliver an excellent variety of delicous meals and snacks and they are all proportioned properly so that you lose weight fast and keep it off. The best part is that this system works so well that they offer a 1 week free trial.  That is one week of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all delivered to your house free of charge. Out of all of the different diet programs we have evaluated Nutrisystem is the only one that offer 1 week of free food and produces great results. This offer is a win-win because the customer gets to try the program for free and Nutrisystem gains a loyal customer.  We give Nutrisystem the gold medal award.  Try the Nutrisystem free one week trial today!