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Healthy weight loss is about controlling calories, increasing physical activity, and staying sane. Healthy weight loss is not easy. There's a reason you're trying to lose weight - because gaining it was so easy and so fun you probably didn't even notice you were doing it until it was too late. Trust me, we've all been there. And those of us who have seen the other, thinner, side of the weight-loss/weight-gain struggle understand why and how we got the way were and why and how it is so difficult to lose weight.

The world we live in is jam-packed with images of thin, sexy people (making us yearn to be thin and sexy too) and with images of greasy, yummy, fatty food (making us yearn for pizza and cheese burgers). It's the conundrum of American life - everyone, everywhere is trying to sell you something and those things contradict each other, leading to a confused batch of consumers feeling very bad about themselves.

The best and most important element of healthy weight loss is mental well being. If you're trying to lose weight, you should do everything you can to stay about from both pizza and bikini marketers alike (one excellent way is by turning off the television, another is by putting down that magazine). That way you can focus on you for a change. What do you need? What does your life need? What are your long-term goals that are connected to your weight loss? It's OK if some of your goals are vein - everyone wants to look great by the pool this summer - but some goals should go deeper than that. You probably also want to reduce your risk of hypertension, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and you might want to supercharge your sex life, while you're at it. All of those are wonderful, attainable, goals.

Exercise is essential for healthy weight loss

Now that you're cutting down on your consumption of unhealthy images, you've got plenty of time to get up off the couch and exercise. Exercise should be fun, not work. So if you're engaged in an activity that you find grueling, find one you like instead. The point is to get moving, so anything that accomplishes that goal will work. (You can even take dance lessons!) Other fun good-for-you activities include yoga, swimming, biking, and even walking 'ol Fido (he probably needs some exercise too).

There are two (albeit contradictory) ways to stick to your routine. One is not to make it a routine. By that we mean change things up every day (bike one day, go to a yoga class the next, take Fido to the park the day after that). Another way is to make exercise such a part of your schedule you liken it to brushing your teeth. That Pilates DVD gathering dust by the TV? Pop it in for twenty minutes every morning and soon you'll find that you need your Pilates in the morning just as badly as you need your shower.

Weight Loss Food

Which brings us to what can be the most daunting part of the weight loss trinity - food. But food is your friend in this struggle, not your foe. Food gives us life and energy, and eating the right foods can even rid our bodies of disease. And if you choose food that does this (as opposed to the aforementioned pizza and cheeseburgers, which will drain you of energy and can contribute to disease) you are one step closer to your ultimate goal.

Foods that aid weight loss are high in vitamin content, low in caloric content, and high in fiber. The fiber is especially important as if will help you feel full while also helping to move things along in your digestion tract (clearing the remnants of all those cheese burgers you used to consume and providing you with energy).

Foods high in fiber include whole grain breads and pastas (yes, you do need carbs - they are essential in brain function, physical energy and overall health, and they won't make you fat if you eat the right kind of carbs and balance them out with other food groups), beans and legumes, especially lentils and black beans, and fruits and vegetables, especially peas and artichokes, pears and figs.

Now, don't go on a pea and artichoke diet or a lentil and black bean diet. The trick to healthy weight loss is to get your calories from a variety of sources (remember the food groups chart from grammar school?) And you absolutely must drink water - it will flush your body of impurities, control your hunger and prevent all of that fiber from turning into a brick in your stomach (which won't help clear out all those old cheese burgers).

Weight Loss Supplements

Most people don't associate healthy weight loss with weight loss supplements, and with good reason. Most weight loss supplements are not healthy and can even burden the body with things not meant for it (sorry, you were not meant to block the food you consume after the fact; you were not meant to stay hocked up on high-powered stimulants all day and night).

There is one weight loss supplement that has done a lot of good for people, helping them jumpstart their weight loss and attain their goals faster. (It's a lot easier to stick with that Pilates regimen when you're seeing the results of your work.) That supplement is hoodia -and Real Hoodia - not the fake stuff that also contains four or five or six other ingredients, but pure 100% hoodia gordonii from South Africa.

Hoodia works because nature intended it to work - helping the Sans people of South Africa curb their hunger pangs and survive the harsh desert conditions that deprived them of food and water. Now it's been scientifically proven as an appetite suppressant and hailed as a weight loss miracle by the likes of 60 Minutes and Oprah. Real Hoodia is the only weight loss supplement worthy of healthy weight loss standards. Use it along with the regimen of exercise, healthy eating and a calm, patient, peaceful mind that will help you attain your weight loss goals and keep you there long after your need for supplements has elapsed.


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Gold Star Award - Top Recommendation

Reviewed as of: Jun 2021

Real Hoodia XH

Real Hoodia is our top diet supplement recomendation this month.  This product uses 100% Pure South African hoodia gordonii.  Hoodia has seen a huge amount of publicity in the news lately and is purported to be the most impressive appetite suppressant ever discovered.  Hoodia Gordonii is a rare South African cactus-like plant (a succulent, to be exact) which only grows in the Kalahari desert. 

This plant works by tricking the brain into thinking that the stomach is full.  Therefore, you eat less without any hunger pains or discomfort.  At the moment, finding REAL hoodia is very hard since there is far more demand than supply.  Thus many of the brands on the market today have little or no real hoodia.  Real Hoodia XH is without a doubt authentic.  We were amazed by how effective this formula was at suppressing appetite without side effects.  It's a great addition to any diet plan - or none at all. These attributes have earned Real Hoodia XH our top supplement recommendation. Check out Real Hoodia - Click Here.


Silver Star Award - Top Recommendation Diet Plan

Reviewed as of: Jun 2021


Nutrisystem has been rated the top choice this month. The Nutrisystem diet system consistantly produces significant weightloss. It is also one of the easiest plans to follow and is based on what we believe to be the most effective diet science and methodology available today.  Nutrisystem plans out your food regimen specifically for you and provides simple and delicious meals for the entire week. With this system you do not have to plan out your meals or worry about whether or not you have measure the correct portions. They deliver an excellent variety of delicous meals and snacks and they are all proportioned properly so that you lose weight fast and keep it off. The best part is that this system works so well that they offer a 1 week free trial.  That is one week of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all delivered to your house free of charge. Out of all of the different diet programs we have evaluated Nutrisystem is the only one that offer 1 week of free food and produces great results. This offer is a win-win because the customer gets to try the program for free and Nutrisystem gains a loyal customer.  We give Nutrisystem the gold medal award.  Try the Nutrisystem free one week trial today!