Stacker 3

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Stacker 3 is similar to Stacker 2, except that it includes an added ingredient called Chitosan. The formula dates from the days before the ephedra ban. But now Stacker 3, like all fat burners, is ephedra-free.

How does the combination of aspirin, caffiene and chitosan shape up? Unfortunately, not so well.


Stacker 3 in depth

The Stacker 3 stack is, once again, a fundamentally established and even conservative collection of ingredients. Bodybuilders have been using caffiene and aspirin (which comes from willow bark) for decades before fat burners became mainstream.

The only element of Stacker 3 that's different is chitosan - and see below to learn more about that.

Ingredients of Stacker 3

Caffiene, willow bark and the mysterious chitosan are the active ingredients in Stacker 3.

What is chitosan? Allegedly a fat blocker, chitosan is a fiber derived from shellfish. It comes from chitin, the material that forms the shell of shellfish (and bugs, too). You should avoid all chitosan-containing products if you have shellfish allergies.

You may have heard claims that chitosan "grabs onto" the fats or carbs in foods and doesn't allow your body to digest them, thus eliminating them as a source of calories. Some chitosan manufacturers claim that you can eat whatever you want, pop your chitosan and then kick up your feet while you lose weight. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way. No studies on chitosan have proven it works any better than placebo at weight loss.

Chitosan may be able to affect cholesterol levels. One study showed an increase, after 2 weeks, in good cholesterol of 10% and a 6% reduction in bad cholesterol.

As an addition to a fat burner, chitosan is worthless.

There are many formulations that contain more interesting ingredients - ingredients that work - Lipovarin, for instance.

Our evaluation of Stacker 3

Stacker 3 is caffiene and aspirin - Stacker 2 - with the addition of chitosan. And as we have discussed above, chitosan doesn't help you burn foat or block fat. We don't recommend Stacker 3. If you're interested in appetite suppressants, we've had the most success with Real Hoodia.

Remember that Stacker 3 or any other fat burner work best when combined with a diet and a fitness program. The combination will do far more than the sum of its parts for your health and wellbeing.

Gold Star Award - Top Recommendation

Reviewed as of: Jun 2021

Real Hoodia XH

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This plant works by tricking the brain into thinking that the stomach is full.  Therefore, you eat less without any hunger pains or discomfort.  At the moment, finding REAL hoodia is very hard since there is far more demand than supply.  Thus many of the brands on the market today have little or no real hoodia.  Real Hoodia XH is without a doubt authentic.  We were amazed by how effective this formula was at suppressing appetite without side effects.  It's a great addition to any diet plan - or none at all. These attributes have earned Real Hoodia XH our top supplement recommendation. Check out Real Hoodia - Click Here.


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Reviewed as of: Jun 2021


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