Should I take a weight loss Supplement?

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You see them on TV all of the time – weight loss supplements promising amazing results, but if any of these were really a magic bullet, there wouldn’t be so many people shopping for weight loss solutions. The truth is, there are no magic bullets – all real and lasting weight loss comes from sacrifice and self knowledge. To get there, however, some people choose to maximize their weight loss (and lose weight fast) with weight loss supplements, which is fine, so long as you know what you’re taking and why you’re taking it. 

All weight loss supplements were not created equally. Some were even created by shysters just trying to earn a fast buck off the backs of people desperate to lose weight, and some were created with the idea that you’re so desperate to lose weight that you’ll take anything – even supplements that will harm your health – just to shed a few pounds.  

Consider the health risks associated with ephedra. What was once considered to be a safe, over-the-counter way to lose weight was implicated in several deaths and is now banned by the FDA. 

Consider what’s taken it’s place: slick “ephedra-free” products that hype you up on caffeine. The methylxanthines in caffeinated products stimulate weight loss by creating a thermogenic effect in the body, helping you literally “burn” off those extra pounds. This might not sound like such a bad thing until you hear the other side: Methylxanthines have serious negative effects on the overall health of the body, causing increases in blood pressure and heart rate, anxiety and insomnia. And in women, methylxanthines are associated with fibrocystic changes in the breast tissue, which can increase the risk of breast cancer.    

Then you’ve got the carb blocker, fat blocker family of weight loss supplements, which do nothing with the fat currently on your hips, but can prevent the absorption of new fat by blocking the enzyme that digests fat (and in the case of carb blockers, carbs). But where do all those carbs and fats go once they’ve been “blocked”? Into your intestines. There, they cause gas, bloating, diarrhea and even something called “anal leakage.” No thank you!

Everyone knows the best way to lose weight is to be vigilant about the things you put into your body in the first place – greasy fried chicken bad, broiled skinless chicken breast good. But that can be hard – OK, really hard – to do by yourself. Luckily, there is one weight loss supplement out there worthy of your attention (and money). It’s Hoodia. It’s not shady, sketchy or dubious (Oprah uses it!) and it won’t send you to the adult diaper isle of the supermarket.     

That’s because Real Hoodia (our favorite) is 100% pure South African hoodia gordonii (a lot of hoodia products actually contain a lot of other stuff, most aren’t even real hoodia gordonii). It has been used for centuries by the San tribespeople of South Africa, and has been scientifically proven as a SAFE and effective weight loss supplement. 

Real Hoodia works by suppressing your appetite, so you actually eat less, while providing you with natural (not caffeine-induced) energy.  While taking hoodia, you should still engage in healthy eating habits and begin an exercise regimen to help you lose weight faster. Making healthy lifestyle changes while taking a healthy, natural supplement such as hoodia gordonii will help ensure that you will keep the weight off long after you’ve reached your goal.     


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Gold Star Award - Top Recommendation

Reviewed as of: Jun 2021

Real Hoodia XH

Real Hoodia is our top diet supplement recomendation this month.  This product uses 100% Pure South African hoodia gordonii.  Hoodia has seen a huge amount of publicity in the news lately and is purported to be the most impressive appetite suppressant ever discovered.  Hoodia Gordonii is a rare South African cactus-like plant (a succulent, to be exact) which only grows in the Kalahari desert. 

This plant works by tricking the brain into thinking that the stomach is full.  Therefore, you eat less without any hunger pains or discomfort.  At the moment, finding REAL hoodia is very hard since there is far more demand than supply.  Thus many of the brands on the market today have little or no real hoodia.  Real Hoodia XH is without a doubt authentic.  We were amazed by how effective this formula was at suppressing appetite without side effects.  It's a great addition to any diet plan - or none at all. These attributes have earned Real Hoodia XH our top supplement recommendation. Check out Real Hoodia - Click Here.


Silver Star Award - Top Recommendation Diet Plan

Reviewed as of: Jun 2021


Nutrisystem has been rated the top choice this month. The Nutrisystem diet system consistantly produces significant weightloss. It is also one of the easiest plans to follow and is based on what we believe to be the most effective diet science and methodology available today.  Nutrisystem plans out your food regimen specifically for you and provides simple and delicious meals for the entire week. With this system you do not have to plan out your meals or worry about whether or not you have measure the correct portions. They deliver an excellent variety of delicous meals and snacks and they are all proportioned properly so that you lose weight fast and keep it off. The best part is that this system works so well that they offer a 1 week free trial.  That is one week of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all delivered to your house free of charge. Out of all of the different diet programs we have evaluated Nutrisystem is the only one that offer 1 week of free food and produces great results. This offer is a win-win because the customer gets to try the program for free and Nutrisystem gains a loyal customer.  We give Nutrisystem the gold medal award.  Try the Nutrisystem free one week trial today!