The Truth About Nutrisystem

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Note to our readers: "The Truth about Nutrisystem" is an essay submitted by a visitor who preferred to remain anonymous. With her permission, we are posting this essay along with our notes and comments on it.

You may agree or disagree with the opinions expressed in "The Truth about Nutrisystem," but we think you will find it thought-provoking.

"The Truth About Nutrisystem"

I had been overweight my whole life.

I have tried every fad diet and "Dr. Approved" weight loss plan I've ever seen advertised. Sometimes they lasted a few weeks, sometimes only a few days.

I always gained the weight back.

I tried the Nutrisystem plan and I lost over 80 pounds.

Do you know why I lost all this weight? I'll tell you why: I threw everything else out of my house. All the boxes of lasagna noodles, all the oatmeal, all the chocolate chips. Everything in the freezer - all gone. My neighbors thought I had gone crazy. (I live alone. I can do this. For those of you with families, you will have to find another way.)

I succeeded because I had no other food but Nutrisystem.

This taught me something important. I'm sharing it with you because I thought you might find it useful as well.

The truth about Nutrisystem is this: it's better to have fewer choices.

Think about it: we Americans are choking to death in a flood of deep-fried fast-food, carbonated sugar-water and white bread. The average supermarket carries 45,000 items. 45,000 items.

The average fast-food meal has something like 1600 calories, most of them from saturated fat.

The truth about Nutrisystem is this: I needed to be told what to eat and when to eat it. Only then, when choices were taken away from me, could I succeed.

If this sounds fascist to you, I am sorry. If this sounds like I'm trying to deprive you of your free will, again, I apologize. But remember this: your free will is what's allowed you to make the wrong choices for all these years.

Your 45,000 choices in the grocery store haven't helped you. You're digging your grave, one spoonful at a time.

The truth about Nutrisystem is that takes away your choices so you can succeed.

If you've tried everything else, and you can afford it, try Nutrisystem. (Can you afford not to try it?)

The truth about Nutrisystem is, it worked for me.

- Anonymous

Our commentary on the essay

Clearly, the writer of "The Truth about Nutrisystem" has very strong feelings about this subject. We would like to point out that excess weight is not necessarily about self-control or too many choices. If that were the case, everyone in America would be overweight (which is patently not the case).

Nutrisystem may work well for people who have the same "too many choices" difficulties as the author. On the other hand, if you are not suffering from this specific malady, please explore this site and take advantage of the other weight loss plans we have evaluated.

Don't let anyone else make up your mind for you! Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. And, if "too many choices" is your issue, then try Nutrisystem.

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