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The diet industry makes $150 billion dollars annually trying to lure you with their slick ad campaigns and “results not typical” before and after photos.  Consider that in 1990, the diet industry pulled in a scant $30 billion and you might surmise that while we’re spending the money, we’re not becoming a country full of after photos. Rather, we are a country obsessed with weight loss – the faster and easier the better.

While fast easy weight loss might be a great way to reach your wedding weight (or your bikini weight, your prom weight, your Friday night date weight goal) it does not hold the path the successful weight loss. That’s because the number-one tip, clue, secret to weight loss is change. 

Unfortunately, the only thing we hate more in this country (other than our spare tires and thunder thighs) is change. Fortunately, the weight loss tips listed below are tips for change. So dive in and have fun, the following very well could be the best changes you’ll ever make.

Weight Loss Tip #1

Throw Away your Scale

OK, don’t throw it away. Put it away. Keep it in a closet or under your bed or in the trunk of your car. Put it away with the promise that you will only get it out once a week, preferably in the morning. 

The theory behind this weight loss tip is that our weight fluctuates, so it’s no use obsessing about every ounce or every notch on the scale every day. If you weigh yourself once a week (at the same time of day) you are more likely to get an accurate picture of any weight gained or lost. If you weigh yourself in the morning you will get the most accurate number, as you haven’t ingested food or water for several hours.

There’s more to this tip than mere numbers. Constantly weighing yourself is impractical and can lead to self-defeating feelings, ie. “It doesn’t matter if I eat that brownie Sunday, I haven’t lost any weight for three days!”

Weight Loss Tip #2

Eat to Increase your Metabolism

It sounds simple and it is, but we’ve become such a food-obsessed culture that we don’t know what to eat, how much to eat, or if the miracle food of last year is now a public enemy number one carcinogen. First, relax. Second, eat and eat sensibly. Yes, you do need carbs; yes, you do need fats; yes, you do need calories made up of carbs, and fats and proteins. The trick is to strike a balance between the right carbs, the right fats and the right proteins. The steak and mayonnaise diet was never a good idea to begin with. But the broiled chicken breast, green salad, whole wheat baguette diet will never go out of style.

Here’s why you need to eat: When you eat, you stimulate your body’s metabolism, its ability to burn off the food you’ve eaten and to use that food as energy. When you don't eat, your energy and metabolism lag as your body, not sure when it might see its next meal, stores every blessed thing it’s got (including fat!). It’s your body’s way of just trying to keep you alive (your body doesn’t know the prom’s next week!)

When you eat, eat frequent small meals that combine all of those good-for-you (and necessary) components. If you have an apple at 10 a.m., and lunch at 12:30, eat a slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter around three. This will keep your metabolism going all day and will keep you from getting overly hungry and crave the wrong things.

Weight Loss Tip #3


This might sound hard for you busy moms, college students, and just about everyone else who works and plays in the real world where we just don’t seem to have enough time for everything we need to do. And trust us, the people who put yogurt in a tube love you for your crazy schedule. But if you want to create the positive change we’re talking about, you’ve got to stay away from the processed foods that are overflowing from the supermarket shelves and the fast foods that are available on every corner of every town.      

Instead, plan your menu once a week before you go to the store and make a list of all of the ingredients you’ll need. When you get home at night, you’ll have an answer to that dreaded “what’s for dinner?” question, as well as the tools to prepare a healthy meal for yourself (and your entire family). You don’t have to make complicated meals. Most can be done in under an hour, and even less if you have help.

The best part about making healthy meals at home is that you’ll have healthy leftovers for lunch the next day. Another plus is that you know everything that went into the preparation of your meal and you can ensure that it’s balanced for a healthy diet (without preservatives, extra sugars or hard-to-pronounce ingredients). Also, you’ll enjoy your food a lot more when you know the work that was put into it.

Weight Loss Tip #4


You knew it was coming. Yes, you’ve got to move in order to sweat off those extra pounds. But the trick to exercising is to do something that you find really fun (something you might do anyway if you had the time). Now that you’re making time to incorporate some healthy changes into your life, it’s time to start doing that something (or some things) you always thought about trying. 

The point is you don’t have to join a gym. You can take up kickboxing or dancing or yoga. You can ride your bike, dig your rollerblades out of the closet or simply start walking. But you’ve got to do something, and you should do that something every day, or as close to every day as possible.

Weight Loss Tip #5

Get Support

The reason Weight Watchers works is not because they make you weigh yourself in public, it’s because they put a group of people with the same set of goals in a room every week for support and guidance. It works because you’re not doing it alone. So find a friend to swap recipes with, walk with or simply vent to. You could do this alone, but it will be a lot easier with a few cheerleaders.

Weight Loss Tip #6

Set Healthy Goals

You might not ever be model-thin (they have their own problems with weight loss, don’t they?) so you’ve got to be realistic and go easy on yourself. Become your own best friend in this process by setting healthy goals that you can live (and live well) with. Do you want to have more energy, decrease your risk of hypertension, heart disease and type two diabetes? Great! Do you want to look great in a bikini this summer? Also great! Just realize that great doesn’t equate to the rail-thin standards exhibited by popular culture. Great means great for your body, your shape and your size. We’re all different!

Weight Loss Tip #7

Turn off the TV, Put Down the Magazine

Between the ads for fast foods that can be delivered straight to your door to the programs showing the thin beautiful girl getting the thin beautiful guy, to the glossy images of must-have clothes wrapped around size 2 waistlines, there’s a lot in this world to make you feel hungry for all the wrong things. But you’re in charge of what you see and how you react to what you see. You can turn off the TV and go for that walk that we keep talking about or, when you watch TV, realize that the people on it are not real (or if they are real, they’re not typical) and they should have nothing to do with the way that you feel about yourself. If that’s too hard, you can always read, which will make you feel smart…and won’t make you feel hungry!  (Why should the positive changes stop at your diet!?)

Weight Loss Tip #8

If You Supplement, Supplement Smart

If you are going to put anything in your body, you should have a very good idea of what it is and what it’s going to do to you. The typical fat burners (reviewed extensively on this site) will load you full of caffeine and aspirin to trick your metabolism into overdrive and literally “burn” the extra pounds right off of you. Sounds great, right? Well…that comes at a price to the tune of raising your blood pressure, and increasing your risk serious heart problems, anxiety and insomnia. 

Typical fat blockers inhibit a portion of the fat you eat (about 30%) from being absorbed by the body. Instead that non-absorbed fat goes into your intestines where it can be excreted along with everything else you ate. Side effects of fat blockers include bloating, gas, diarrhea, and, yikes, anal leakage.  Plus these fat blockers don’t do anything about the fat already on your body.

The one supplement we like is Hoodia Gordonii. It's 100% pure, natural, and caffeine free. So it works with you, not against you.

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This plant works by tricking the brain into thinking that the stomach is full.  Therefore, you eat less without any hunger pains or discomfort.  At the moment, finding REAL hoodia is very hard since there is far more demand than supply.  Thus many of the brands on the market today have little or no real hoodia.  Real Hoodia XH is without a doubt authentic.  We were amazed by how effective this formula was at suppressing appetite without side effects.  It's a great addition to any diet plan - or none at all. These attributes have earned Real Hoodia XH our top supplement recommendation. Check out Real Hoodia - Click Here.


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